Warranty/Insurance Inspections

Financial institutions, insurance companies, and warranty providers need to know that the RV exists, as specified in their documentation. These providers have an entirely different set of priorities, for an RV inspection, than do individuals. In fact, they have different priorities from each other. For example, warranty providers want to know more about the functionality of the RV, than does a lending institution, because they will be paying some of the costs of repair. Certainly, insurance companies want to know that all of the safety devices are in place and functioning (fire extinguishers, smoke, propane, and CO2 detectors). They’ll want to know that the tires are in good condition. A bank is more concerned with what they can get for the RV if it has to be foreclosed.

We will work with individual institutions and providers, to meet the specific needs of those businesses. In all cases, we will provide a printed report, including photos of all relevant points, including, but not limited to, the VIN plate, the Incomplete VIN, the license plate, and the inspection sticker (if present). Of course, photos of all issues of concern will be included in the printed report.



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